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    We move organizations to the next level

    The Burkhart Group specializes in the growth and development of successful non-profit organizations.

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    We join your team

    We become your office and your staff, efficiently and effectively.

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Successful non-profit organizations begin with a mission-driven plan.



Strong organizations grow from active boards and committees, engaged volunteers, and effective leaders.



The right tools will advance marketing, membership, programming, revenue and more.


See how we’re getting organizations to grow.

Traditional Committees Not Working? Try an Objective-Driven “Task Force” January 5, 2016 - Are you seeing a decline in volunteer involvement on your organization’s standing committees?  Is it difficult to achieve attendance at meetings?  Are volunteers hesitant to “own” tasks between meetings and assume accountability for outcomes?  If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you are not alone. As the role of volunteers continues to evolve,
8 Ways Organizations Representing Women Entrepreneurs Can Help Them Scale Their Business December 29, 2015 - I recently had the opportunity to speak to students at the Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University.  I was asked to discuss organizations that represent women entrepreneurs and why/how they are important.  Naturally, I highlighted the programs and services of the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, the mid-Atlantic region’s pre-eminent organization for high-growth women entrepreneurs. 

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