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    We help you move your organization to the next level

    The Burkhart Group specializes in capacity building for non-profits.

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    We advise you when and where you need it.

    We provide the right strategies, tools, and expertise to navigate your challenges efficiently and effectively.

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Successful non-profit organizations begin with a mission-driven plan.



Strong organizations grow from active boards and committees, engaged volunteers, and effective leaders.



The right tools will advance marketing, membership, programming, revenue and more.


See how we’re getting organizations to grow.

How to Build the Right Board for Organizational Growth February 21, 2018 - On February 14, I presented: How to Build the Right Board for Organizational Growth, for non-profits at the Social Innovation Forum. The workshop included 17 attendees from SIF’s alumni portfolio and other non-profit leaders in greater Boston. Here are some of my observations.   Common Pain Points My experience is that most of us struggle
Beyond Events: Creatively Defining Member Value June 30, 2016 - There are many ways to create value for the members of your organization. Everyone loves a good conference or event, but what happens when someone can’t attend the events? Are they still able to get value out of your organization? Here are some ideas that you can actualize to make sure they do: 1. Host
3 Tips for Better Non-Profit Communications June 28, 2016 - Non-profits require the same thoughtful, well-planned communications strategy that for-profits do, often with only a fraction of the budge. Leverage these tips to improve your communications without breaking the bank. 1. Make Strategic Partnerships to Co-Market People love hearing and talking about others. It’s in our nature to discuss things that we like and to

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