Beyond Events: Creatively Defining Member Value

The Burkhart Group: Member Value Beyond EventsThere are many ways to create value for the members of your organization. Everyone loves a good conference or event, but what happens when someone can’t attend the events? Are they still able to get value out of your organization? Here are some ideas that you can actualize to make sure they do:

1. Host a Virtual Event
Nowadays, people can barely leave their office if they want to get everything on their to-do list done. Taking the time out of their busy schedule to attend a 3-day conference is great but sometimes just not realistic. Hosting things like webinars and podcasts, however, can solve this problem.

Webinars and Podcasts are fairly simple to put on and they can be recorded so that anyone can watch or listen at any time! It’s ideal to have people listen in live, but schedules don’t always match up. An important piece of creating these virtual events and other resources listed below is to create content that your members want. Your time will be better served if you tune into what your members are searching for, reading and listening to.

Bring in experts on topics related to your organization and the things that they are passionate about. Ultimately, the goal is to provide content that will give them something tangible to take away.

2. Start a Blog
Blogging is a useful tool that every organization, non-profit or otherwise, should be using on their website. It’s a perfect way to engage your members through thought-provoking topics in which they are interested.

An important part of blogging is to set up a regular cadence to which you and your team can commit. Ideally, you’d be blogging once a day, but that might not be feasible, so to start, set up something that you can commit to like once every week or twice a week, etc. As time goes, you might find it easier to pick up the speed at which you blog and publish more regularly. Whatever works best within your schedule!

3. Create a Resource Center
This is a bit more time consuming than blogging, but blogging can create a jumping off point for a resource center of all types of content. You can repurpose blog ideas into longer form eBooks, infographics, Slideshares, white papers and so much more. This is a handy place to host all of your recorded webinars and podcasts, as well.

4. Host Giveaways and Other Promotions via Social Media
Events can take a lot of time and money to produce, but small giveaways and other types of promotions are fairly easy and inexpensive, depending on the giveaway. You may even be able to give away something for free if you can tap into your partnership base.

Doing these types of things through social media is also a great way to promote your organization (and whoever you partner with for a giveaway). It’s a great benefit for your current members and could even spark interest for new members!

There are many more options for creating member value beyond event offerings. Start by sitting down with your target member and interviewing them about what they want – you may find an even more creative solution!

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