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The Resources

Building capacity will provide the right tools to advance operations, fundraising, marketing, and program development.

The right resources are necessary to fulfill plans and support volunteers in the operation of effective non-profits.  The Burkhart Group provides critical resources and brings a network of proven non-profit partners to handle the rest. These resources may include:

  • Capacity/Fundraising Counsel
  • Membership Development
  • Campaign Counsel
  • Marketing and Communications
Expand Your Support

We rely on the Burkhart Group to manage GPECC. They are our administrative “service arm,” providing organizational structure and flow.  The staff is well trained with broad skill sets that provide guidance every step of the way. The Burkhart Group customizes their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organization.  Excellent service all the way around!

Barbara Ritz
Vice President, Greater Philadelphia Executive Claims Council